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Blackhawk Cars & Coffee

Performance Technic

The monthly Cars and Coffee held at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum is one of my favorite meets to attend. There is always a huge variety of cars displayed, and it’s most often a perfect mix between old school and modern. The event hosts are friendly, as are the people who show their cars. It’s a great place to go to learn about the unique vehicles in the area. I found myself stopping to talk to someone just about every 15 minutes—a fair number of those people were actually customers here at PTech. One thing that every conversation had in common was how absolutely freezing it was outside. However, regardless of the weather, it was a fun time. There were some very unique vehicles that showed up this month, like the Volkswagen Microbus, a turbo, M30 swapped E9, and an early model Pinzgauer Utility Vehicle. 

What I really love about Cars and Coffee is that regardless of the vehicles that show up, there’s usually a genuine atmosphere. People are quick to talk to each other about their cars, even if they’re from completely different styles (or even generations) of modification. I like to see boundaries like that broken, because when it comes down to it, we really are gathered for one thing: the passion for everything automotive. 

Article written and photographed by Courtney Cutchen