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California Dreaming: Greg's 2015 BMW M4



California Dreaming: Greg's 2015 BMW M4

Performance Technic

With the newest wave of BMW’s ultimate driving machines has come some of the most beautiful cars on the market today. The new M3 and M4 are, in my opinion, virtually flawless. They look vicious, they sound monstrous, and they perform on an entirely different level. I would go as far as saying that they are two of the best looking cars to come from BMW since the E46 M3. This said, when Greg told me that he wanted a shoot of his F82, there was no hesitation.

Greg is no stranger to building cars or to BMWs. His first BMW was an Alpine E36 M3. Then, before the M4, he owned a white 135is. He had initially wanted a real 1M, but considering how limited the production was, finding one was easier said than done. Through some research and advice from fellow 1M clone owner Marco, Greg decided that he would create his own clone. The plan was solidified, and Greg dove into the build. However, toward the end of the project, he ended up parting the car out to trade off for placing a custom order for a new M4. This may seem like a sudden turn of events, but in his mind, the last modifications he needed for the clone were already included in the M4. Financially, it made sense. 

What captured Greg so heavily about the F82 was the attention to enthusiasts’ requests. “I think I was mostly interested in the aggressive styling,” he explained. “BMW took all the wants from the enthusiasts and put them into the F82 to make one amazing looking car.” I happen to fully agree. One of the most flattering views of the car is the side profile. The face is elongated and quite mean looking (in a “hide your family” type of way). It has an incredibly smooth top line, which flows into a gorgeous slope down the back of the car. In other words, it’s exactly what a sports coupe should be: elegant yet menacing. In addition to the physical looks of the car, Greg also found himself attracted to the car’s power and torque output. He says that it performs great at the track, and plans to accumulate more seat time over the car’s lifespan. 

The first word that comes to mind when looking at this M4 is “understated.” I know that might sound odd, and maybe I’m too used to seeing big bodied Liberty Walk cars—but the car to me is not overly flashy. You can see that it’s equipped with the full M Performance aero kit, and sits at an aggressive ride height on H&R springs. Its exterior mods are subtle yet impactful. What the car has going for it as far as looks and performance, it equally excels in with sound. Greg is running a full turbo back Akrapovic exhaust system, which sounds better than words can describe. The next modification on the list is likely a new set of wheels. 


One of my favorite parts about Greg’s car has to be the interior. Ordinarily, any extensive amount of white interior would scare me off, but when I saw it paired with the beautiful Mineral Gray body, I couldn’t help but love it. What BMW has done with the cabin of these cars is truly artistic. The white panels against the black and carbon fiber accents work well in unison, and the white stitching brings it all together perfectly. 

Ultimately, I like what Greg has done with the car up to this point. I look forward to seeing future plans for the car become reality, and I’m sure this isn’t the last time this Mineral Gray M4 will visit our blog.