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M is for Multipurpose: Greg's RZ M4



M is for Multipurpose: Greg's RZ M4

Performance Technic

This time last year, I shot a full set of photos with Greg’s newly acquired M4. Then, it was modestly equipped with a tune, factory aero kit, and Akrapovic exhaust. The car was leagues behind where it is today. As a matter of fact, there are few parts of this build that have gone unchanged.


The transformation this car has gone through over the last year is not to be understated. It is now a unique, multipurpose vehicle that stands out from the rest. From obvious accents like the RevoZport Aero Kit, to the intricate Klassen ID wheels, to the purposeful interior, Greg’s M4 has come a long way. 

Let’s start with this car at face value. There is a bit of layering happening with the aero; featuring both factory M Performance and a full RevoZport M4 aero kit. The RevoZport kit features an add on front lip, to work in conjunction with the M Performance frontal elements. It also includes brake cooling ducts for improved performance. Lastly, the side skirts, front and rear wheel arch accents, rear diffuser, and GT wing bring the entire package together to create something truly menacing in appearance. 


Under the hood we find an array of angular, perfectly accented carbon fiber bits. The RZ M4 is equipped with the full Dinan S1 package. When the hood is popped, the Dinan intakes create a beautiful line for the eye to follow from each side of the front end.

Over the course of the build, Greg found himself more and more interested in performance. It’s one thing to build a show or street car, but to have something equipped for the track requires a different thought process. The newest additions to this performance package are the Recaro Profi XI seats and Fall Line Motorsports harness bar. These pieces not only look great in the M4, but give the driver a much better sense of precision at the track. 

While Greg's car has changed immensely in the past year, there is still more to come. With a harness on the way, he still has a list of smaller modifications to complete. For the most part, however, the car is nearing what he says is a good resting point. We are excited to see what this car is capable of as it approaches a final build point, and it has been a great experience to see both vehicle and driver grow together.