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Blox Evolution 2



Blox Evolution 2

Performance Technic

The Blox Evolution show made its second appearance this year at Pier 70 in San Francisco. The show is held in an extremely old warehouse right on the water. The building itself is the definition of industrial: worn with quite a hefty number of broken windows. It’s a decent sized show, as it fills the entire warehouse, as well as the parking lots on either side of it. I did not attend the first show, but this year I could see that there was definitely something for everyone.

The “resto-mod” style seemed to be somewhat popular, especially among the older cars. There was a handful of Datsun 510s that not only looked great, but had performance to match. The 510 to the left in the photo below was equipped with an SR swap, pushing over 400hp. When you consider the fact that the car also weighs around 2,000 lbs, that’s a lot of power.


Are track cars more your thing? There were some of those, too. The 2JZ FRS pictured below looked like it could destroy some serious rubber in a drift. There was also what now only vaguely resembles a Honda at the official Blox booth. Marco had the Clone on display as well, and throughout the day, I’d say it attracted a fair amount of attention (and selfies). 

The remainder of Blox was a combination of extremely show-oriented cars and some street-to-track builds. The STi and S30 shown below are examples of some high horsepower, yet still streetable cars. As I’ve said before, I love shows that have a strong variety of cars to display. This show not only had that, but also had some side elements, such as a street art competition and a good number of vendors selling everything from Hot Wheels to apparel to magazine subscriptions. 

The last time I saw this car was at SEMA 2014. It was neat to see it again, looking as good as ever!

The last time I saw this car was at SEMA 2014. It was neat to see it again, looking as good as ever!

Ultimately, Blox is a show that almost anyone can enjoy. While the balance certainly tips in favor of stanced/show cars, there are quality builds from all around the world of modification. It’s a show I would be interested in attending again next year. I would like to see it grow more and become something even bigger. For now, though, its location at Pier 70 is amazing for photos and is unique to the Blox experience.