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Festorics 2015



Festorics 2015

Performance Technic

Every year, the city of Monterey is reserved for what is known as Monterey Car Week.  From the beginning of the week until the very end, amazing automotive events are held every day.  During the weekend, people from all over gather at Laguna Seca Raceway for the Festorics/Rolex Motorsport Reunion events. 

As a sponsor of this year's Festorics, we had a great lineup of both shop and customer builds on display in the BMWCCA tent.  Additionally, Greg’s F82 made its debut with its full RevoZport Aero Kit.  Also in attendance was Marco’s 1M Clone, Shafique’s Felony Form S54 powered M3, and Haig’s twinscrew supercharged M Coupe sitting on gorgeous HREs. 


This year, there was no shortage of beautiful cars on display.  Since the Ford GT350 was the Marque and model for 2015, we saw everything from Daytona Coupes to the newest 5.0s.  Next to Ford, there was an abundance of European classics—everything from vintage BMWs (e9s, e24s, 2002s, etc.) to rare Alfa Romeos, Mercedes, F1 cars, and more.  The entire track was filled with both pristine restorations and weathered racecars. 

Throughout the day, you could observe the cars on display while listening to vintage racers roar across the track in the background.  For someone who has never attended this event, it can definitely feel overwhelming.  There’s constant action everywhere you look. Whether it’s a line of rumbling cars coming off the track, hasty maintenance in the paddocks, or swarms of guests crowding around manufacturers’ booths; it’s organized madness.  I likened the chaos to that of SEMA—while the area may be smaller than the full convention center that SEMA uses, the masses of people in addition to the noise of the cars make it a very fast paced environment. 

Below is a gallery of the rest of our images from the weekend.  What stands out to you the most?